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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Method how to reset pattern locked Realme C30S RMX3690 free without PC

This device pattern locked RMX3690 Here show method how to reset pattern locked free while input wrong more time This solution by hard hard reset

1 Off your Device 
2 keep press holding both Volup and Power 
3 when logo apear  release power key but keep Vol+
4 when on screen show logo Android  but show recovery menu yet 
5 For get recovery menu need keep hold Power Key and short press Volup
6After see recovery  please choose ( Wipe data/factory reset)  scrol up nad down by Vol up &  Vol Down  confirm by Power key 
7when choose ( Wipe data/factory reset) omfirm by Power key 
continue again onfirm by Power key, like this your datas and all user in phone will erase 
8 Completed data deleted  just reboot your device and wating....
9 just acivate to home screen it's ok to usig 100% 

Please follow full this video guide 

Note: If your device lock FRP or Any Account you mabye need bypass unlocke. 

Here this video only for educational purpose,
This tutorial/Method only  solutions  for Your Own phone.
Don't Try This method for Stolen Phone, 
This is the Serious Crime, if try solution a stolen Phone You also may be Jailed

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Here say about ISP pinout REALME 5i (RMX2030)

Here say about ISP pinout REALME 5i (RMX2030) why need isp Pinout ? We need ISP PINOUT while smartphone Error or has troubled with software like: Phone stay hang on LOGO/ auto reboot/ and reboot to recovery mode by itself / or lock by any pin, passcode and lock FRP or Any account that you forgot , do not remmember , show may need som solutons by new flashing fle or need make solution by box /dongle/ some spftware Tool but cannot support or Unknown COMM port , that's time, need direct soldering smalless wires with CLK, DATAO, CMD, ..... with box as like UFI / B-BOX and any. Please check board and ISP pinout REALME 5i (RMX 2030) bellow !

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Huawei P30 lite huawei mar-lx2 Bypass Google Account / FRP

Huawei P30 lite, huawei mar-lx2 Chipset Kirin 710 FRP Bypass ,Via Unlock Tool Full Method , this video solutions show full tutorial with Huawei P30 lite (huawei mar-lx2)Chipset Kirin 710 device has been locked by pattern /pin / passcode while need back to using try to input pin or passcode in order to unlock but get message allert ( wrong code) your in put wrong password , try and try but still wrrong pin, show the latest choice need reset passcode by any tool, box , dongle or make hart reset by hands and after hard reset your all data in device lost or formart all and then phone will requir you verify with your Account ( Gmail) ( Verifying Your Account with YOUR GOOGLE ACCOUNT " This Devise Was Reset. To continue, Sing in with a google account that was previously synced on this device " like, this if you remembers your Gmail was previously synced on this device just sign in ready your phone will to hone screen and normal to using. but if forgot all please follow by this method , this method show how to bypass FRP via UnlockTool with TEST POINT for USB COMM.
Full Method please follow video below:

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Realme C35 ​ RMX3511 Pin reset Done 100%by Unlocktool method2023

ដោះកូដដៃ Realme C35 ងាយៗៗ /​ FORMAT DATA Selected Model : Realme C35Code Name : RMX3511Operation : Factory Reset [1] Authenticating... OK Retrieving data... OK [446.21 KiB]Hold VOL DOWN then plug-in USB cable!Waiting for device... COM34Protocol : SPRD3Sending FDL1... OK [58.3 KiB]Boot ver: Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1Sending FDL2... OK [902.74 KiB]Reading DEVINFO... OK Model Name : ums9230_nico Product Name : RE87BAL1 Android Version : 11 Security Patch : 2022-02-05 Build ID : RMX3511PU_11_A.20Erasing USERDATA... OKUNLOCKTOOL 2022.11.30.0Elapsed time : 32 seconds

Friday, October 21, 2022

Lenovo K5 Pro Model Name : Lenovo L38041 Test Point ( EDL Mode)

Lenovo K5 Pro Model Name : Lenovo L38041 Test Point ( EDL Mode) For Solution on this Lenovo K5 Pro Device locked pattern / screen lock easy unlock with Unlock Tool Model Name : Lenovo L38041show you with Unlock Tool Via Test Point/EDL mode usb Comm
ALL Test Point Or EDL  Lenovo K5 Pro and Full Method 

Full tutorial at Video method bellow:

Friday, October 7, 2022

Frp Bypass Realme C35 (RMX3511)New Security Update 2022

 Realme C35 (RMX3511)  New Security Update 2022 Frp Bypass Method free without PC 

Hi Friends, Via this video BDM007 happy to show the solution and 

the latest method 07,10,2022 to remove frp lock or Google account lock of Realme C35 (RMX3511). This problem because you do hardreset or factory reset device without remove Google Account before. 

After hardreset or factory reset device when you activate to home screen it'll recommend login  previously account to using on this device so, if you don't remember or forgot really cannot to home screen to use this device.

Will get good solution by just watch full my video, you will be able to easily remove the Google Account lock or frp lock of your Realme C35 (RMX3511)By yourself . I hope you guys will like my video very much and will be helpful for you. Love You All !

RESET FRP & Google Account Bypass Without PC

File Link Free : Bit.ly/2xfdUIH 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

All imags bellow show how to make ISP Pinout Vivo S1 (Vivo 1907)

 Vivo S1 (Vivo 1907) hang on LoGo touch and Key not working Fix , ( VIVO, recovery / Note: This machine this abnormal and will be restored to factory settings All user data is cleared when the recovery is competed ) 

OOWNLOARD All ISP and Full Method HERE

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Remove Apple ID no need Pass Code

 Today happy to sharing about how to remove Remove Apple ID/remove find my iphone without Password Via Unlock Tool New method 202/2023, the real solution full steps.

This method realy free no need by creadit and allso note this work  (Iphone SE/6S/6SP/7G/7P/8G/8P/X)

by solution with Unlock tool and can free for iphone forget paasscode or iphone Disabled and iphone normal using but want remove Find My Iphone / ID but forgot user and Pass this method can help you more '


Download File & Tool : https://bit.ly/3BgFSTm

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

EFT Pro Dongle update 4.3.6

EFT Pro Dongle update 4.3.6 is released , Look very amazing 100% work and full support more smartphone as and android, like SAMSUNG / all Galaxy, Support all (Chipset Kirin ) of Huawei with FRP bypass / HW ID Account Remove easy, also MTK CPU Type able good solution, Reset passcode/unlock screen lock/bypass FRP and any more futions .., And as qualcomm cpu type good supprt more, CPU SPD 100% support, AND Apple ready amazing show good sollution with Bypass iCloud, Unlock pincode for all ios ipad iphone
Here it's working !  

Friday, August 5, 2022

Finally about iCloud Unlock , IOS 15 up to and stay on HELLO SCREEN successful BYPASS

Finally about iCloud Unlock , IOS 15 up to and stay on HELLO SCREEN successful BYPASS WITH SIGNAL by iRemoval PRO and iRa1n v1.4 , iRemoval PRO 5.5 New update 04.08.22 really work 100%
Full Details and more HERE TOOL DOWNLOAD HERE