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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

EFT Pro Dongle update 4.3.6

EFT Pro Dongle update 4.3.6 is released , Look very amazing 100% work and full support more smartphone as and android, like SAMSUNG / all Galaxy, Support all (Chipset Kirin ) of Huawei with FRP bypass / HW ID Account Remove easy, also MTK CPU Type able good solution, Reset passcode/unlock screen lock/bypass FRP and any more futions .., And as qualcomm cpu type good supprt more, CPU SPD 100% support, AND Apple ready amazing show good sollution with Bypass iCloud, Unlock pincode for all ios ipad iphone
Here it's working !  

Friday, August 5, 2022

Finally about iCloud Unlock , IOS 15 up to and stay on HELLO SCREEN successful BYPASS

Finally about iCloud Unlock , IOS 15 up to and stay on HELLO SCREEN successful BYPASS WITH SIGNAL by iRemoval PRO and iRa1n v1.4 , iRemoval PRO 5.5 New update 04.08.22 really work 100%
Full Details and more info HERE

Monday, July 11, 2022

How to FRP Bypass All Samsung Android 10,11,12 by UnlockTools


HERE method How to FRP Bypass and Unlock Google Account while you forgot or loos any pass or pin via this solution give you method Bypass SAMSUNG Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F) Android 10 - Final Solution 100% Working Via Unlocktool very simple

Galaxy A10s (SM-A107F) ANDROID 10 FRP Unlock/Google Account Bypass New solution & fast 
Galaxy A10s (SM-A107M) ANDROID 10 FRP Unlock/Google Account Bypass methot 2022-2023
Galaxy A10s (SM-A107M) ANDROID 10 FRP Unlock/Google Account Bypass by UnlokTool 

Totorial step by step 
1- Open and run UnlockTool 
2-Tap on (SAMSUNG ) on TOOL ,to Choose Model, to Tap ( Security) to Click on {PROM} EARASE FRP
3-Turn off your Samsung  Galaxy that Device lock by FRP/any Account
4-Keep holding press Volup & VolDown together and then connect USB to PC, just waiting.. a few you'll ok with FRP bypass successful .

Here Details from UnlockTools

[BROM] ERASE FRP Initializing usb... OK
Waiting for device... COM12 [PRELOADER:0E8D:2000]
Jumping to BROM... OK
Bypassing authentication... OK
Analyzing preloader... preloader_s96116ca1.bin [MT6765:8:1392] [Internal]
Vendor : SAMSUNG
Handshaking... OK
Reading hardware info... OK
  Hardware : MT6765 [Helio G25|G35|P35] 0766 8A00 CA00 0000
  Security Config : SCB SLA DAA 
  MEID : D631FC0F89E36B70761A504374B9F232
Sending Download-Agent... OK
Syncing with target... OK
Booting device... OK
Syncing with DA... OK
  Storage : EMMC - CID : 51000115.4D333644.80900342.1B76F007 
  Vendor : Samsung - Name : QD63MB - Serial : 4027023504 - Rev : 3
  Boot1 : 4 MiB - Boot2 : 4 MiB - RPMB : 16 MiB - User Area : 29.12 GiB 
Reading partition info... OK [39]
Reading device info... OK
   Model Name : SM-A107F
   Product Name : a10sxx
   Manufacturer : samsung
   Platform : S96116CA1
   Android Version : 10
   Security Patch : 2021-04-01
   Build ID : QP1A.190711.020.A107FXXU8BUF1
   Build : A107FXXU8BUF1
   Build Date : Mon Jun 14 10:27:09 KST 2021
   PDA : A107FXXU8BUF1
Erasing FRP... OK

UNLOCKTOOL 2022.06.29.0
Elapsed time : 25 seconds

Full method here pleas watchful video below   [

Here LINK : unlocktool

Saturday, July 9, 2022


FRP / GOOGLE ACCOUNT BYPASS Download FRP bypass apk file Hello All Friends Here All the APK file to bypass or Skip / reset the FRP or Google Account of any Android smart phone. You can download All these allow with Android Version by juas one click and bypass the frp of the phone hope you will enjoy with all ..


Visit Free :vnrom.net  frpbypass
Download  technocare apk . @https://bit.ly/3ypqPEb
Popular frp bypass apk & Filles  : Bit.ly/2xfdUIH


Friday, June 24, 2022


Hello All friends this Full s video step i want to show / teach / tran / Training/guide /about How to Make Electric Shock Fishing electrofisher | How to produce electric fishing Video Full Step HD / របៀបធ្វើដុំឆក់ត្រី​ / ធ្វើមូទរ័ឆក់ត្រី​​ -by using 3A transformer and 8 transistors D718 NPN . Variable frequency power to catch ​​fish. Inverter 12v to frequency high​.

 HowTo Make Electric Fishing Link learn more (( https://bit.ly/3tZbNna ))

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Make OFP To Scatter

 Tutorial How to Using UFI Box & Extract Firmware Make OFP To Scatter easy method

UFI : https://bit.ly/3w8ZAxw

Monday, June 20, 2022

Google Play Service for Oppo A77 ( China version )

This how to setup Play Store for Oppo A77 and All China smartphone Please follow step by step
Download File Link : https://bit.ly/3N5yf4s

Sunday, June 19, 2022

G920t USA (T-Mobile)DRK​ Error fix 7.0 U6 while Device FRP Lock

G920t USA (T-Mobile)DRK​ Error fix 7.0 U6 while Device FRP Lock Here this device error DRK file needs to fix! if the device error DRK file, it will restart to the recovery menu by itself cannot reboot to the menu or home screen to using.

DOWNLOAD  LINK :  https://bit.ly/3zQ1cP5

Saturday, June 18, 2022

guide for​​ Mi account remove permanently

Redmi 7/Redmi Y3 (Redmi m1810f6lg )Mi Account Unlock Permanently Miui 10,11,12 Redmi 7/Redmi Y3 Mi Account remove by EU Firmware and also full steps with tecnics show to you for all successeul

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

ALL Xiaomi / Redmi Note 10 MIUI 12.5 Android V 10, 11 FRP Full Method and Solution

After do hardreset your Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 / Note 10s/Note 10 Pro, Tap Next.., Skip.., Next.., Skip, will get message " Not signed in : To use this phone, you first Sign In to an owne's Google Account in use on this phone when it was last reset) just click SET UP PHONE. So will back to show MIUI and you Tap Next.., Skip.., Next.., Skip, phone will need connect WIFI so please connect it. After Wifi done, Tap on ADD network and write some text and press and hold that text-Tap on Share icon and the press and GMAIL App icon-select Notifications and then Additional settings in the App-Click on three dote and Select Help&Feedback-Search open"Delete or disable apps on Android" article- Tap to go to Application Settings -Search "Settings"and then Open it, here you can check phone model and versuon by Tap "About phone".->Additional settings->Accessibiluty->Turn on Accessibility menu shortcut, Go back to "Delete or Disable apps on Android"article and then Tap to go to Application Setting again-> Tap more and then Show system -> Select Android Setup->Force stop, Disable App and clear cache, then Select: Android Setip-->Force stop, Disable app and Clear cache, --> Selecte: Carrier Service --> Clear storage, Force stop and Disable app,-. scroll down and up to Select: Google Play service --> Clear cache, Force stop snd Disable app., GO Back to Wi-Fi Setup and Tap Next..show: Getting your phone ready ...Just a sec..Checking for Update.... Then try Tap on Accessibility menu shortcut and then select Google Assistant---Tap on Settings and Enable Google Play Services, just Tap back one time and Tap Next.., Skip.., Next.., Skip, and waiting and active your phone to home screen, So your ready FRP/ Google Accoun Bypass 100% withou PC/Without App APK / Without TOOL/Dongle or no need Server or Service remote.

Full Method here